Super Bowl 2015 commercials examined by Ellen

(CC) Tiffany Von Arnim

On the 6th March, at the Quantum Lab headquarters, we hosted 25 students from the SCOPE Maastricht University, who were eager to understand how our business operates and what we do on a daily basis. Taking this an unrivaled opportunity we have conducted a small study for our guests.

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Booo! Fear Boosts Emotional Brand Attachment

(CC) gianluca

Usually, marketers are reluctant when it comes to using fear in advertising. A recent study published in Journal of Consumer Research suggests that fear can be more effective in building brand attachment than positive emotions.

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Meet Ellen


Ellen was created by the Polish and American startup called Quantum Lab Co.

Developing Ellen was a natural step on the path to meet the real market needs. We decided that the advertising and research industry is ready to apply the technology of recognizing and analyzing facial expressions. Ellen is here to meet this demand. The system is based on the Xpress Engine technology, which was also developed by our company, and tailored to the requirements and needs of market research agencies, marketing agencies, individual brands and all companies wishing to test the emotional reaction to their ads.

Ellen is a beautiful, precise and easy to use technology which allows research companies to recognize and analyze emotions evoked by different kinds of stimulus like TV and Internet commercials, outdoor and indoor adverts or simply music and video clips.

We sincerely believe that having Ellen on board can facilitate each research department of this companies which are interested in measuring emotions of their consumers. This should contribute to better understanding what people feel towards different stimulus and at the same time it can change the way of how we think about impartial measuring emotions.

Please be our guest and check out what Quantum Lab Co. and Ellen can do for your business.